Monday, September 16, 2013

Coventry Type 10 1.02 update

What's fixed:
- Electricity leaks;
- Windows can be opened only when sitting inside for non-owner avatars.
- Physic model improved - car is sticking better to the road(gradeability slightly decreased, max slope for climbing is 35 degrees now);
- Steering tweaked a bit, less responsible at higher speeds.

What's new:
- Parking gear now turns physics off(if applied at speed less than 2m/s, otherwise you'll hear creaking noise);
- Sound effects for rolling on prim or terrain surface;
- Suspension creaks sounds when wheel is hitting the surface which is more than 15 cm higher or lower than previous.

We also added our top battery to the package, just in case.

GEMC, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coventry Type 10 release


Coventry Type 10 manual

This article will cover most of features of our new product:

1.Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with GFS fuel system. It uses REGULAR FUEL. It has two fuel tanks - one on the left, and one on the right side. Both tanks are used for feeding the engine. When one tank runs out of fuel, vehicle switches to another automatically. Tanks capacity is 12 gallons each. To pick which tank you want to fuel, simply open the fuel tank cap.

Fuel tanks
2. Electricity - this vehicle is equipped with battery and electricity consumption system. Battery is placed in the engine compartment(accessible externally). It supports all GEMC batteries types, so you can choose your favorite one. OEM battery for this vehicle provide 40Ah output.

Unusual functions and buttons:

3. Gearbox - Coventry Type 10 is equipped with automatic gearbox. You can switch between positions with E/C or PgUp/PgDn buttons.
Gearbox positions:
P - parking;
N - neutral;
D - Drive;
L - Low;
R - Reverse.

4. Interior starting operation - this vehicle uses ignition key to connect battery, and starter button to start the engine. To start vehicle from the inside, click the key in the middle of dashboard(or its pedant), then click the "Starter" button. To switch engine off, simply click key again.

5. Headlights - headlights switch is placed in the middle of control pannel, and features two light modes - parking lights, and headlights. Click the switch to advance, click and hold to get back.

6. Fuel gauge output - this vehicle is equipped with two fuel tanks, but only one fuel gauge, and shows only one tank fuel level at time. To switch fuel level output, click the "Fuel" button.

7. Gauges illumination - gauges illumination has two levels of brightness. You can switch between them with "Panel" button. Single click to advance to next illumination level, click+hold to get to previous level, or turn illumination off.

8. Wipers - wipers has two levels of speed. You can switch between them with "Wiper" button. Single click to advance to next speed, click+hold to get to previous speed, or turn wipers off.


9. Quarter windows - this vehicle is equipped with quarter windows vehtilation. You can open quarter windows on front and rear doors by simply clicking them.

10. Picnic tables - this vehicle is equipped with three picnic tables - front one is hidden below middle controls cluster, and rear ones are mounted in the backs of front seats. You can expand or fold all tables by clicking them.

Other functions:

11. Passengers - This vehicle offers room for 3 passengers + driver(4 in total). To get in as passenger, simply "sit" on the door leading to your desired seat.

Customizing HUD(default appearance and expanded tabs).
12. Customizing - this car is using HUD for customizing. Click the car for menu, then click "Customize..." button to get the "Coventry Type 10 Custom HUD".
 Next operations are pretty simple. That HUD has multiple tabs wtih different custom options.
There are 16 liveries, custom livery mode, various interior trims, as well as sets of wheels and tires. Coloring the car is accessable from GEMC UniHUD.
Also you can apply custom livery to the car body.
Livery template
Default normal map(4096x4096)


GEMC, 2013.