Monday, November 26, 2012

New release

And here are the news:
we are just released our 8-months-in-work babe, the Gmünd Stuttgart Ferdinand!

There was a wall of text describing epic adventures over making this car, but I deleted it. Too tired.
Gonna take one-week break and patch our homestead sim up a bit, and then get back to cars and other moving things.


One more thing: READ THE MANUAL!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So yeah

, SL won't log me in due to some servers maintenance, so I decided to use this time to write one more post(because I'm really bored and have nothing else to do).

We're dumped our fairy idea of having full sim in favour of having homestead sim again. With 9 months wasted and no building progress on full sim we had, it seems fine.
New place is called Highview, and still under construction(yeah inno, we have our sims closed for almost year already).
Tho, here some photos of our old place in it's half-built state. Photos were made by professional Ortiga Waco, who was given exclusive access to our secret base:

And let me finish for now. More news still about to come, so stay tuned.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

"I hate writing!" D:

Sorry for delay, but I really hate writing. Also I hate making photos for MP listings. Also, more news(mostly good) are about to come within couple weeks.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

GEMC Trawler release

Another cool release this month - our long-waited Trawler! It's our very last sculpted build, from this point we're officially moved to bright mesh future.This trawler is equipped with our old kind of HUD, so it doesn't require mesh viewer at all(dunno if anyone still use viewers without mesh support in any way, though).
 It can be seen and purchased at Magic Land.GEMC HQ, or at SL Marketplace. We hope you'll enjoy our work.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GEMC Trawler animations

In this article I'll show you how to get to one or another GEMC trawler sitting place.

Let's start with 2nd deck bed:

"Sit" at this bed to trigger sleeping animation in captain's room.
This is how it looks like.

1st deck contains 2 more beds, placed one above another.
"Sit" on picture on the wall to get on lower bed.
This is the result.

"Sit" on ceiling lamp to gen on top bed.
Pretty comfy in there!

Now we are moving to captain's mates animations.
"Sit" on the desk to get on First Mate's place.
This is how it looks like.

"Sit" on gauges to get on Second Mate's place.
This is how it looks like.

Now to the rest of animations:

Sit on couche to... sit on couche!
The result.

"Sit" on stern fridge to engage deck animation.
This is the result. Can be used for vomiting, if you have special gadget.

Click the toilet bowl to engage toilet animation.
This is the result. Pretty generic, because I'm not into this kind of stuff.
Don't forget to close the door anyway!

When you're sitting on toilet bowl, you will be given the menu with 3 animations for choice: toilet(default), hands washing, or showering. These animations are supported with sound effects as well(except toilet, for sure). If you've closed the menu, you can call it back by typing "/1 anim" in your chat(without quotation marks).

That's all I wanted to show you so far. Hope you'll enjoy our work!

GEMC, 2012.

We reserve the right to change or correct product specifications, prices, errors and comissions without prior notification.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Detroit Hurricane release

GEMC are proud to release our first mesh vehicle - classic Detroit Hurricane.
 It can be seen and purchased at Saint Costalla. GEMC Development region, or at SL Marketplace. We hope you'll enjoy our work.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet the UniHUD

Here is the overview of new GEMC HUD. It will be used for all mesh products from now on, so you don't need to change it from car to car.
GEMC UniHUD require mesh-compatible SL viewer.

                                                                        Fig. 1
This is the view of UniHUD with having all windows opened.

                                                                  Fig. 2
This is how it looks all folded. It's placed in the bottom left part of your screen. Press red buttons to show/hide windows.
1. Colors window.
2. Duty equipment window. This is the place for police and service-related stuff.
3. General window. Contains main car functions.

                                                                       Fig. 3
Colors window. Here you can change colors of your car.
1. Car hood color switch. Green - ON, white - OFF.
2. Trunk color switch.
3. Car body color switch.
4. Front doors color switch.
5. Rear doors color switch.
6. Wheel rims color switch.
7. Paint button. Press it to apply chosen color to your car.
8. Hide/Show button. Press to hide or show colors window.
9. Palette. Click on it to pick color.
10. Tone palette. Click on it to make your color brighter or darker.

                                                                      Fig. 4
This is the duty equipment window. It allows you to control addition functions of your car(if exist). Green button - function ON, white - OFF.
1. Lightbar button. Turns roof lightbar on or off. Works for roof taxi sign as well.
2. Strobes button.
3. Pilot light/search light.
5. Manual siren. Hold button to use.
6. Radio. Turns on and off police radio station.
7, 8. Radio volume adjusting buttons.
9. Hide/Show button. Press it to hide or show duty equipment window.

                                                                        Fig. 5
General controls window. It also has smaller windows available for show or hide.
1. Headlights button.
2. Fog lights button.
3. Interior lamp button.
4. Horn button. Press and hold to use.
5. Wipers button.
6. Ignition button.
7. Doors lock button. Green - lock ON, red - OFF.
8. Left turn indicator.
9. Hazard lights.
10. Right turn indicator.
11.Customize button. Press it to get "Customize..." dialog menu.
12. Hide button. Press it to hide general window. It will also hide player window, as well as all lesser windows.
13. Gauges Hide/Show button. Press it to hide/show gauges window.
14. Speedometer. This speedometer will change to the most suitable for your current car, as soon as you sit as a driver.
15. Odometer. Shows passed distance.
16. Odometer reset button. Removes any data from odometer.
17. "Windows control" Hide/Show button. Press it to hide/show this window.
18. Car rear left window control.
19. Car front left window control.
20. All car windows control.
21. Car front right window control.
22. Car rear right window control.
23. Eject window Hide/Show button. Press it to hide or show eject window.
24. Front seats eject buttons. Left place, Middle place, Right place.
25. Back seats eject buttons. Left place, Middle place, Right place.
26. Player Hide/Show button. Press it to hide or show player window.

                                                                    Fig. 6
Player window. New GEMC player may contain 50 different loop tracks, allows you to skip to next or previous one, and provides 5 quick-access slots for your favorite tracks.
1. Favorites window Hide/Show button. Press it to hide or show favorites window.
2. 5 buttons for Favorite tracks. Press any of these buttons to switch to quick-access slot.
3. Make Favorite button. Press it, then press the button with number you want to bind your favorite track to.
4. Number of current track. Range 01 - 50.
5. Volume indicator. Range 0 - 10.
6. Previous track button.
7. Next track button.
8. Play button. Press it to play the tracks.
9. Stop button. Press it to stop the sound.
10. Record button. Press it to record the track. Then follow the instructions given by the car.
11, 12. Volume adjust buttons.
13. Player window Hide/Show button. Press it to hide or show player window. Favorites window will be hidden too.

GEMC, 2012.

We reserve the right to change or correct product specifications, prices, errors and omissions without prior notification.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New GEMC sim

It's finally this day. Great Eagle sim is closed and abandoned, and we're moved to the new one. It's called Port Jasmine, and holds up to 15k of prims and 100 agents. There will be some building job, so it will be closed for public access for a while.