Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GEMC Motorboat 1.1 update

What's fixed:
- Flag and antennas prim is has no physics now, so you can pass through the back of the boat freely;
- Dashboard buttons now are more clickable, moved them to individual prim;
- UniHUD now can be transferred to guest drivers;
- v1.11(2014/03/07) - Custom decal modes for harbor name, boat name, and flag restored.

What's new:
- Added ability to fuel the boat while attached to trailer, so you can tow it to the fuel station;
- Added "Lag Adjust" sub-menu to the trailer, it allows you to tune trailer's catch-up speed.

GEMC, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trailers release

Okay, after a while we're okay to release couple of our new trailers. These are supposed to be dragged by Baiern Alpenjager and some of future vehicles. These things are not perfect, but running pretty stable, can cross sims borders, and are good in general.

GEMC Motorboat:
Manual: http://sl-gemc.blogspot.com2014/02/gemc-motorboat-manual.html

GEMC Powerbox 150E trailer:

GEMC Motorboat manual

Common features:

1.Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with GFS fuel system. It uses REGULAR FUEL. It has one fuel tank, accessable from the right side. Fuel capacity is 27 gallons(100l). By default, fuel system is disabled.(Vehicle - Fuel System).

Fuel tank displacement
2. Gearbox - use up and down arrow keys or W and S to change gears between Reverse, Stop, Slow, Half, Full, and Emergency.

3. Lights - this boat has navi, spot, and interior lights. These are operated by buttons on boat, or via GEMC UniHUD(HUD guide). Headlights button controls spot light(must be enabled on Motorboat Custom HUD), fog lights button controls navi lights, and interior lights button controls interior lighting.

Boat controls
Other functions:

Customizing HUD(default&expanded)
4. Shade - to use the shade, enable it first via Motorboat Custom HUD. Once added to the vehicle, you can control it by simple clicking. If your shade is unfolded, you can also have festive lights added to it(via Motorboat Custom HUD as well). Festive lights are controlled by pannel on the back left side of the boat(connected to the festive lights cable).

5. Fenders - to use fenders, you should enable them in the "Fenders" tab on the Motorboat Custom HUD. Once these are visible, you can click them to attach to left or right side. If you have boat nose cover enabled, which makes fenders inacessible from the above, you can click on the left or right side of the space left by opened nose cover latch.

6. Multimedia system - this vehicle is equipped with GEMC standard audio loops player. Video guide:
If you have "Interior accessories" enabled, you can have an access to the web via tablet placed on front passenger's folding table. To unfold the table, simply click it. To fold it, click the table again. To turn web browser off, click the objects on the table.

7. Passengers - This vehicle offers room for 3 passengers + driver(4 in total).

8. Customizing - this vehicle is using HUDs for customizing.
Hull colors can be changed with help of UniHUD, and other options are placed on dedicated HUD. Click the boat for menu, then click "Customize..." button to get the "Motorboat Custom HUD". Next operations are pretty simple. That HUD has multiple tabs wtih different custom options.
There are 16 liveries, custom livery mode, various body trims, different parts, accessories and so on.

Boat hull livery template

GEMC, 2014.

Baiern Alpenjager 1.1 update

What's fixed:
- Electricity leak;
- Some minor visual issues on the console;
- Indicators brightness(dimmed by 50%).

What's new:
- Trailers support(see below);
- Day switch via clocks - just adjust the clocks back or forth until it passes 12 PM, so it will skip to next or previous day. Doesn't switch month if triggered on the month end or beginning(it takes hardcoding of all exceptions, so better be off without it).
- Steering adjust - "Customize..." - "Vehicle".  - Adjusts steering factor for the low speeds, might be cool for driving on thight spots.
-Automatic headlights mode. Lights come on with dusk, and goes off with dawn. Works only if there's a person sitting as driver.


To use a trailer, you have to enable hook on your vehicle.
With hook enabled, back up to trailer's hitch area. When close enough(0.5-1.3m range), click the trailer and select "Attach" option in the menu. If all conditions are fine, the trailer will get attached to the vehicle. Now you're cool to drive around. To detach a trailer, click it, and select "Detach" option. Also trailer is getting detached if the vehicle's hook is removed.

Trailer operations
GEMC Powerbox 150E trailer:
This trailer produces electricity for its flood light tower.
To add or remove light tower, click "Light Tower" button in the menu. Light tower is operated by pannel on the front side of the trailer.
This trailer has optional GFS system. It uses diesel fuel. Filling should be performed from the right side. Fuel system can be disabled by clicking "Fuel System" button in the menu.
This trailer has multiple color options. Available colors can be selected in "Colors" sub-menu.

GEMC Motorboat trailer:
To deploy a boat, click "Detach Boat" button in the menu. To return already deployed boat, or add a new one(if deployed boat is not in same region), click "Return Boat" button.
If you submerge your trailer into water deep enough, the freshly deployed boat will have its physics turned on automatically.

Known issues:
- Trailer movement can appear to be choppy, depends on region performance.
- The distance between a tractor and trailer may increase at high speed, it's considered "normal".
- Trailer may perform in unusual way, responding to unusual operation of the vehicle(i. e. if one is trying to drive the vehicle up the wall, or jump off a cliff).

GEMC, 2014 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baiern Alpenjager release

Okay, we sorta released it.

Baiern Alpenjager manual

Common features:

1.Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with GFS fuel system. It uses REGULAR FUEL. It has one fuel tank, accessible from the right side. Fuel capacity is 26.8 gallons(100 litre).
Fuel tank displacement
2. Electricity - this vehicle is equipped with battery and electricity consumption system. Battery is placed in the cargo compartment under the spare wheel, so it is not accessible or visible at all. It supports all GEMC batteries types, so you can choose your favorite one. OEM battery for this vehicle provide 80Ah output.

3. Gearbox - Baiern Alpenjager is equipped with automatic gearbox. You can switch between positions with E/C or PgUp/PgDn buttons.
Gearbox positions:
P - parking;
R - Reverse;
N - Neutral;
D - Drive.
Gauges cluster

4. Headlights - headlights switch is placed to the left from steering wheel, and features two light modes - parking lights, and headlights. Click the switch to advance, click and hold to get back. There's also a button for fog lights.

4.1 Interior lights - there are four interior lights. You can operate them by clicking the buttons shown on the following picture.
Ceiling buttons
5. Wipers - wipers have one speed. You can turn rear wiper on and off by clicking and holding wipers switch.

6. Safety belts - Baiern Alpenjager features safety belts option. When your avatar gets in, it automatically fastens a safety belt. To remove the belt, simply click it. To fasten belt again, click the belt one more time.

7. Multimedia system - this vehicle is equipped with advanced multimedia system. It features such options as Internet access, loops player, navigation system, as well as parking sensors, and various appearance tweaks. You can navigate through menu with navigation button, and select the options with "Select" button. To return to main screen, press the "Menu" button.(see buttons descriptions below).

Central console
Central console buttons(consult with the picture):
1 -  Numbered buttons are used for binding or selected "favorites" tracks for audio player.
2 - "Input" button is used for input various data(UUIDs for audio player, and vector-based coordinates for navigation system(i.e. <128,128,128>).
3 - Sound volume adjusting button. Click on one or another end of it to increase or decrease volume.
4 - Clocks adjusting button. Adds or removes 1 hour(press on both sides of it).
5 - "Select" button. Used for confirm the choice in the Menu.
6 - Navigation buttons - use them to go through Menu postions, or change tracks in audio player.
7 - "Menu" button - returns to Menu screen.
8 - Play/Stop button for audio player. Clicking it outside of audio mode will stop the player.
9 - Temperature adjustment buttons. Temperature varies from 18 to 27 degrees(Celsius).
10 - Fand speed button(plus and minus).
11 - Power tailgate lid. Requires electricity for functioning.

Other functions:
Customizing HUD(default&expanded)

11. Passengers - This vehicle offers room for 3 passengers + driver(4 in total). To get in as passenger, simply "sit" on the door leading to your desired seat.

12. Customizing - this car is using HUDs for customizing.
Body colors can be changed with help of UniHUD, and other options are placed on dedicated HUD. Click the car for menu, then click "Customize..." button to get the "Baiern Alpenjager Custom HUD". Next operations are pretty simple. The HUD has multiple tabs wtih different custom options. There are 16 liveries, custom livery mode, various interior trims, different parts and accessories, as well as sets of wheels and tires.
Also you can apply custom livery to the car body(grab livery template here!). 

GEMC, 2013.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Updates for BUG-4084

Workaround for BUG-4084 added to Minamoto Sky Traveller(1.03) and Gmünd Stuttgart Ferdinand(1.4) vehicles. Make sure to get the update.

GEMC, 2013