Saturday, January 30, 2016

UniHUD update(coming soon)

Okay, in a week or so there will be a new vehicle, and updated version of UniHUD by the version of 2.2.

Here's a list of changes since v2.0(there were some other changes in v2.1 and 2.v11, but we didn't release update notes):

- You can scale it up and down with edit tool, it will preserve the "folded" position;
- You can upload your tracks via notecard -  just put your sounds UUIDs in a notecard line by line without any extra spaces, or commas or whatever, and drag that notecard onto the UniHUD;

- Guest drivers are now able to control vehicle from outside+ there's no more mess if there are multiple vehicles owned by a same person being operated in any of guest modes;
- Guest drivers have to connect their HUD to the vehicle first to be able to operate it from outside. To do so, they have to click vehicle, and either click "Access" button, or go to "Vehicle", and click "Connect HUD" button, it' all the same. Also they can sit as a driver first, and it will connect HUD automatically;
- Passenger layout changes back to Driver's after standing up from passenger seat(provided your HUD was connected to this vehicle before);
- Owner is unable to trigger indicators and other stuff when changing passenger's seat when on a bus;
- "Help Page" option on HUD now brings up vehicle manual page link(via llInstantMessage());
- Guest drivers can play tracks recorded to their own HUDs now.

Current vehicles will be updated to fully support new HUD version shortly(sorta). Until that, please keep using v2.0/2.1/2.11 with them.

GEMC, 2016.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yamato Maxius v1.5 update

Hi, we've just updated our lovely scooter, and here's some detail:

- 2015 code including 7-piece working suspension;
- Complete retexturing - new textures are originally baked in 4096x4096 and then sized down to adequate scale, so it looks pretty nice now;
- Some geometry changes for better looks with ALM off;
- Redone animations - now all look fluid without jumps between different animations;
- Custom HUD now has palette incorporated;
- Passenger can adjust their position via UniHUD v2+;
- Saddle bags are now capable of dispensing some props such as soda cans or cleaning appliance;
- Travelmate E20 tablet is replaced with E40MG model;
- And plenty of other fixes and improvements.

This vehicle is now utilizing UniHUD 2+, and here's what HUD layout looks like:
HUD layout for driver and passenger.

We've also added modifable helmet to the package for those who missed it year ago(livery template).

GEMC, 2015.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Minamoto Sky Messenger release


If you already own Minamoto Sky Traveller, you can find a 50% discount vendor for this vehicle in the package(1.5+ update).

Minamoto Sky Traveller v1.5 update

Hi, in this article we will highlight some of features of this update.

Here's what's new:
- 2015 code, so there's no more crossing issues;
- Normal map on bus body;
- Bunch of new addons including optional jumpseat, windshield shades, and so on;
- 2015 scripting(suspension, good sim crossings, lovely handling, smooth wipers, and so on);
- Passengers are now able to change their seats(with help of UniHUD);
- Custom HUD now has palette incorporated;
- Redone animations;
- And plenty of other things and improvements.

This vehicle is now utilizing UniHUD 2+, and here's what HUD layout looks like:
Various UniHUD layouts for drivers and passengers.
Also one more thing - now there's a shorter version available. If you already own Minamoto Sky Traveller, you can find a 50% discount vendor for a new bus in your update package.

Minamoto Sky Traveller(red) and Minamoto Sky Messenger(blue).
Well, this is about it, we hope you'll enjoy this update.

GEMC, 2015.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

AltiArm 130 manual

Hi, in this article we will explain how to operate our newest trailer.

To begin operation, you have to extend trailer's hydraulic legs. You can do this by clicking the "Legs" button in the menu, or click any of four valves in the compartment shown on the picture below:
Legs control.
With all legs in position, you can climb in the bucket and begin your ride. To operate booms you can use your keyboard navigation controls, or use valves on both cage and platform. You can also operate the bucket when on the ground, in this case controls are limited to just valves. Consult the images below to see how to move the bucket.
Keyboard controls.
Mouse controls.

- You can change access levels via menu, so this trailer can be operated by Owner, Same group, or Anyone.
- This trailer features a GFS fuel system, and uses diesel. Tank capacity is 8 gallons. When it runs out of fuel, it switches to "manual" pressurizing, which provides limited bucket motion at reduced speeds. However, it's enough to bring workers to the ground safely. Fuel system can be disabled or re-enabled by clicking "Fuel system" button in the menu.
- "Fast pack" option of the menu quickly packs the booms, and makes trailer ready for storaging or transporting.
- "Avatar Pos" option allows cage occupant to adjust their position relative to the trailer.
- "Colors" option allows you to pick a different color for a trailer.

GEMC, 2015.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Coventry Type 10 v1.5 update

This article highlights update details on Coventry Type 10.

 We'll start with list of new stuff:
- Refined geometry, smoother shapes, side mouldings, and so on;
- Retextured body, now utilizing normal map for better looks, and more detailed diffuse map;
- A bunch of new addons: fog lights, trunk rack, towing hitch, tape on headlamps, and so on.
- 2015 scripting(suspension, good sim crossings, lovely handling, smooth wipers, and so on).
- Split beams control;
- Custom HUD now has palette incorporated;
- Redone animations;
- Louder sounds;
- And tons of other things.

 Now, to the operations part.
 First, we have new control for high beams, it's located on the floor somewhere to the left from brake pedal, and turns on/off the lights mounted on the bonnet(you also can use high beams button on HUD).
 Second new button is used to control fog lights, and is located on the side of dashboard, close to driver's door(location varies depending on model). It shows up only if you have fog lights enabled via Custom HUD. You can also use Fog lights button on UniHUD to control fog lights.
New controls.
From now this vehicle is utilizing UniHUD v2+, here's an image of what options you got there:
Coventry Type 10 layout for UniHUD(as seen by driver and front passenger).
This is pretty much it, rest of operations are similar to old model and don't need any explanation(provided you've read the manual).

GEMC, 2015