Saturday, March 16, 2019

GEMC Origin manual

 This vehicle is built under "Real Scale" initiative. Learn more:

Common features.
Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with a custom fuel/power system. It can be charged using the provided charging station. Additionally you can charge it at any Volta EV-C charging station(Volta to J1773 adapter will be shown, click the charge port cap to hide it). To start charging the vehicle, park it in front of a charging station, and then click it. To stop charging, click the charging station again. 

2. Gearbox - GEMC Origin is equipped with automatic single-speed gearbox. You can switch between positions with E/C or PgUp/PgDn buttons.
Gearbox positions:
P - vehicle physics off;
R - Reverse;
N - Neutral;
D - Drive.

3. Starting sequence - this vehicle is equipped with realistic startup procedure. Input 4-digit PIN on the keypad, then press "Run" button. To stop the car, press "Lock"button(see the illustration below)

4. Other way of starting car up is clicking a button on GEMC UniHUD v2(manual).
And last way is to use gesture(in this case you just have to press a combo of buttons once, and wait for the car to start up). 

Custom features.
5. Dashboard controls - dashboard controls are explained on the picture below.
Dashboard controls
6. Keypad(1) - use it to input your PIN. Press a button twice to go to a 2nd number. Press "Clear" button to erase the current input. You can set a new pin in "Vehicle" sub-menu.
7. HVAC(3) - it's a purely visual thing, you can click a bunch of buttons, and some things happen. Notice, high fan speed may increase power consumption.

8. GAGE button(5) - press it to switch between charge level and current power consumption display.

9. Trip/Reset buttons(4) - press "Trip" button to switch between trip meter and odometer. Press "Reset" button to reset trip meter.

10. Mi/km button(7) - press it to switch between imperial and metric output.

11. Dimmer controls(6) - press those buttons to increase or decrease brightness of the LCD displays.

12. Clock setup(8) - press HR/MIN button to set the clock. Press and hold to switch between 12/24h.

Other functions.
13. HUD - This car is utilizing second generation of GEMC UniHUD, which means dynamic controls layout and simple operation. Below there's an image of layouts for both driver and passenger.

14. Occupants and animations - this car provides room for 2 occupants. Passenger can receive their own copy of UniHUD by clicking the vehicle and selecting "Get HUD" option, and then use it to control their window and adjust their seat.
Eject function is accessible from GEMC UniHUD, and provides eject through dialog menu.

15. GTFO! support - this vehicle supports GTFO! system( out of the box. Given its modifiable nature, you can attach your prims to it and use them as a cargo. To do so, change the description of your cargo prims to "CARGO"(without quotation marks). This will make those prims elegible for participation in our new cargo loading/unloading scripted sequence. Cargo prims will be loaded starting with the ones that are placed deeper inside the vehicle, and going towards the outside. Unloading is performed in reverse.

16. Customizing - click the car to get the menu, then click "Customize..." button, and you'll be presented with a number of customizing options. These include 16 pre-made colors, an option to add a custom livery, dynamic license plates with US/EU size option and custom background image, and a number of other addons such as luggage rack, ability to add custom hubcaps and so on. Additionally you can modify the vehicle using SL's edit mode. Please make sure to turn the vehicle's "EDIT MODE" on before editing, to ensure the stability.

Livery template(click)

GEMC, 2019.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

"Real Scale" initiative by GEMC

"Real Scale" initiative logo - feel free to download and use to mark your rl-sized products
Starting 2019 all GEMC products will have their scale identical to their real life counterparts. Currently most of the objects in SL are bigger than they would be IRL due to whatever, like no cap on avatar height or weird camera position, but we're going to turn this thing around.
"Real Scale" initiative will bring us consistency, as we won't have to figure out the "proper" size for SL objects, less LI per model, and more space to build on sims due to smaller footprint of the new builds. All the animations for GEMC vehicles are now made using standard 1.96m tall male avatar.
We realize there might be some complaints, but this decision is final, and such complaints will be dismissed.

GEMC, 2019

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Buck Municipal manual

Buck Municipal is a cab addon for the Lusch Motors - Hermes(click)

Check this picture for illustrated installation guide: (picture here)

 Running boards can be used with a regular LM Hermes setup.

You can use other LM Hermes OEM back addons with this cab as well, GTFO! system compatibility is automatically provided by the cab.

Please refer to the original LM Hermes manual(click) for other details.

Livery template(click)

GEMC, 2019.

Friday, August 31, 2018

GEMC Trawler has been discontinued

It was a good 5.5 year long trip, and now it's over. Thanks to all of you who purchased it, maybe one day I'll come up with some other large boat, who knows.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2017 maintenance update

Affected vehicles:
Coventry Type 10;
Detroit Pacific;
GEMC Motorboat;
Minamoto Sky Messenger;
Minamoto Sky Traveller;
Yamato Maxius.

Fixes and changes:
- Menu listener bug eliminated;
- UniHUD changed to v2.22(you still can use 2.20-2.21);
- New store LMs in packages;
 - Bad body mapping fixed on Minamoto Sky Messenger RHD;
- Lavatory unit on Detroit Pacific can be used only when toilet lid is up(so no more passengers sent to lavatory from "sitting" on random prim of the vehicle);
- Negative offset choices added to "cinematic" camera of Yamato Maxius and GEMC Motorboat;
- Festive lights bug fixed (GEMC Motorboat);
- Seats adjustment module added to motorboat;
- Access control added to motorboat trailer(owner/group/anyone). Access level will be passed to rezzed motorboat;
- Number of other minor fixes and improvements.

GEMC, 2017.