Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That's not good enough

Quite bad news, people. Whe have to inform you that our mesh cars will not feature "dirt" option so far. Unfortunatelly, adding a "dirt" layer to the car body makes whole object flash when you zooming out, which, sure, looks inapropriate. We will look further for suitable solution for that issue, but so far that's so.

Friday, November 4, 2011

GEMC is going mesh

GEMC is happy to report that right now we are working at our first mesh vehicle project. We are hope to release it in 2-3 weeks, once we'll deal with difficulties that coming along with on mesh.

GEMC is going high seas

There is a flickr page which contains photos of our someday-to-release north sea trawler. The ship will feature half-dozen of paint themes, different animations for crew and passengers, working parts such as doors, illumination and bridge gauges.
Pictures were taken by Anton Furuseth.

First message

GEMC is happy to introduce our new official blog. Here you will find announcements of new products, company news, and different media about our products.