Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coventry Type 10 1.05 update

What's fixed:
- Turn indicators fixed, now properly responding to HUD;
- Eject function on LHD version fixed, front occupants are ejecting by personal buttons now.

What's new:
- Passengers can't get into the car if the doors are locked. Owner can tho, because it's magic;
- Special module that updates vehicle vector and float parameters to remedy casualties from BUG-4084. It doesn't totally remove the bug, because it's LL's job and we have no control over it, but it lowers the chance of totally lose the vehicle after crossing.

GEMC, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sim crossings issue

Okay, there's some bad stuff about crossings lately - mesh cars are going nuts after some sim crossings. Our investigation showed that there's nothing wrong with our scripts(basically we're using only one function that applies any force to the vehicle - llApplyImpulse with TRUE flag for local axis, so there's no chance it can give us such crap).
I made a JIRA issue ticket with our problem(, so LL probably will fix it some day. Till that time please cross sims with SUPER CARE.
Sorry for inconvenience.