Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sweet discount time!

Good news everyone! We decided to cut prices for our old models, so that means that all nice GEMC classics are more accessable now!
From now on, our prices will break down like this:
2010 vehicles - 1000L$;
2011 vehicles - 1500L$.
So, it's one hell of a deal, sculpted vehicles still being unbeatable on customization field, offering wide range of replaceable parts from just fancy rims to full body kits, spoilers, suspension lift kits, and other things barely available with mesh.

As for the other news, I also replaced old ugly marketplace pictures for sculpted vehicles, and new ones were shot with ALM on, so you guys can see how well classic stuff blends in with new lighting model.
Also, there are couple of new products on their sluggish way to the market and half-dozen in "gonna finish when i feel like it" state, so GEMC mesh army will be growing further during summer.

Photo time

GEMC, 2014