Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baiern Alpenjager manual

Common features:

1.Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with GFS fuel system. It uses REGULAR FUEL. It has one fuel tank, accessible from the right side. Fuel capacity is 26.8 gallons(100 litre).
Fuel tank displacement
2. Electricity - this vehicle is equipped with battery and electricity consumption system. Battery is placed in the cargo compartment under the spare wheel, so it is not accessible or visible at all. It supports all GEMC batteries types, so you can choose your favorite one. OEM battery for this vehicle provide 80Ah output.

3. Gearbox - Baiern Alpenjager is equipped with automatic gearbox. You can switch between positions with E/C or PgUp/PgDn buttons.
Gearbox positions:
P - parking;
R - Reverse;
N - Neutral;
D - Drive.
Gauges cluster

4. Headlights - headlights switch is placed to the left from steering wheel, and features two light modes - parking lights, and headlights. Click the switch to advance, click and hold to get back. There's also a button for fog lights.

4.1 Interior lights - there are four interior lights. You can operate them by clicking the buttons shown on the following picture.
Ceiling buttons
5. Wipers - wipers have one speed. You can turn rear wiper on and off by clicking and holding wipers switch.

6. Safety belts - Baiern Alpenjager features safety belts option. When your avatar gets in, it automatically fastens a safety belt. To remove the belt, simply click it. To fasten belt again, click the belt one more time.

7. Multimedia system - this vehicle is equipped with advanced multimedia system. It features such options as Internet access, loops player, navigation system, as well as parking sensors, and various appearance tweaks. You can navigate through menu with navigation button, and select the options with "Select" button. To return to main screen, press the "Menu" button.(see buttons descriptions below).

Central console
Central console buttons(consult with the picture):
1 -  Numbered buttons are used for binding or selected "favorites" tracks for audio player.
2 - "Input" button is used for input various data(UUIDs for audio player, and vector-based coordinates for navigation system(i.e. <128,128,128>).
3 - Sound volume adjusting button. Click on one or another end of it to increase or decrease volume.
4 - Clocks adjusting button. Adds or removes 1 hour(press on both sides of it).
5 - "Select" button. Used for confirm the choice in the Menu.
6 - Navigation buttons - use them to go through Menu postions, or change tracks in audio player.
7 - "Menu" button - returns to Menu screen.
8 - Play/Stop button for audio player. Clicking it outside of audio mode will stop the player.
9 - Temperature adjustment buttons. Temperature varies from 18 to 27 degrees(Celsius).
10 - Fand speed button(plus and minus).
11 - Power tailgate lid. Requires electricity for functioning.

Other functions:
Customizing HUD(default&expanded)

11. Passengers - This vehicle offers room for 3 passengers + driver(4 in total). To get in as passenger, simply "sit" on the door leading to your desired seat.

12. Customizing - this car is using HUDs for customizing.
Body colors can be changed with help of UniHUD, and other options are placed on dedicated HUD. Click the car for menu, then click "Customize..." button to get the "Baiern Alpenjager Custom HUD". Next operations are pretty simple. The HUD has multiple tabs wtih different custom options. There are 16 liveries, custom livery mode, various interior trims, different parts and accessories, as well as sets of wheels and tires.
Also you can apply custom livery to the car body.
Baiern Alpenjager body textures template(1024x1024 original)
Baiern Alpenjager default normal map(4096x4096 original) 

GEMC, 2013.


  1. I missing a Lightbar on this car , for RP :/
    But I like this very mouch :)

    1. There will be no police equipment. I was working on adding it, but it looks like people can't appreciate things they get, as I got 4-star review where some super-smart person took 1 star off just for not being granted with lightbar. It's such a bummer. I don't feel like pleasing that guy after this. Just gonna ditch it and switch to new project.

    2. No offense, but that's kinda selfish towards the rest of the people who actually bought this great SUV.

    3. OMG that's not fair.
      Some of us love this and would be happy to get updates to this car instead.

      So not fair. :(

    4. I find this to be very immature, if you're not going to spend the time to make a light bar because one or a few people are pushing you, swallow your pride and make the vehicle mod for us to make it ourselves and play with the cars features. Regardless of if someone turns it into a low rider or not, Support the creativity of your customers and their wants so you make more sales. simple as that because quite honestly Beck no product is perfect. this car is far from it. ITS FANTASTIC! don't get me wrong but i think you need to hear that its not perfect yet. A light bar would of been great. modifiable woulda been better. i think everyone else would agree.

  2. Noone allways can get 5 Stars. Better 4 than 1

  3. Absolutely great, Prehaps an option to toggle the steering returning to center, so you physically have to turn it the other way to straighten up? njot sure if it is possible but i think it might work really well with the new steering animations

  4. How do I get fuel for the car? o.o

  5. where do i get fuel from for the car

    1. Check https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/133128

  6. It is my hope that cooler heads prevail and the manufacturer reconsiders the stand on updates and add-ons. This is a great vehicle, I have purchased 3 vehicles so far and I am VERY pleased with each one. I sincerely hope that these vehicles get updates and add ons and the excitement continues to grow. I love the attention to detail and the "extras" that add so much realism (i.e. fuel, battery and even engine repairs!!! I love it) Thank you GEMC !!

  7. how I get the radio?

  8. I really wish that this vehicle had a speed limit governor or cruise control feature so that it could be used in an RP area easier.

  9. I love this vehicle but I wish the hud showed how fast we are going for RP purposes. This community I live in has speed limits and you can get speeding tickets (RP of course)

  10. I personally think that a manual transmission should be added to this car by the looks of it the car was made for roleplay but with the only option of an automatic transmission I cant seem to change the power it puts out and I start shooting around as mirra had said there are speed limits in my community as well and some of which are at 10 mph and ith the automatic transmission I surpass that greatly through the school zone and with the manual transmission I would be able to control that unless there is a way that I have yet to see whether I can change the power output?

  11. I try to find out how to fix damage on the car (car is actualy by 14 % damage). How may i fix it to 0% damage? Ii doesn't work with repair animation (i know it for fail fuel)

  12. I find that sometimes the car works fine and the next time I get in you cannot put the car in gear, not with the page up or down buttons or the other keys listed. Nothing happens. So I end up deleting the car I have customized, rez an new one and start all over. This one will work great until the next time I go to drive it. What prevents you from putting the car in gear?

    1. What version your vehicle is?(description field).
      Also leave your SL contact details.

    2. 03.09.2016 v1.61 LyricWinterwolf Composer

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.