Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GEMC Motorboat manual

Common features:

1.Fuel - this vehicle is equipped with GFS fuel system. It uses REGULAR FUEL. It has one fuel tank, accessable from the right side. Fuel capacity is 27 gallons(100l). By default, fuel system is disabled.(Vehicle - Fuel System).

Fuel tank displacement
2. Gearbox - use up and down arrow keys or W and S to change gears between Reverse, Stop, Slow, Half, Full, and Emergency.

3. Lights - this boat has navi, spot, and interior lights. These are operated by buttons on boat, or via GEMC UniHUD(HUD guide). Headlights button controls spot light(must be enabled on Motorboat Custom HUD), fog lights button controls navi lights, and interior lights button controls interior lighting.

Boat controls
Other functions:

Customizing HUD(default&expanded)
4. Shade - to use the shade, enable it first via Motorboat Custom HUD. Once added to the vehicle, you can control it by simple clicking. If your shade is unfolded, you can also have festive lights added to it(via Motorboat Custom HUD as well). Festive lights are controlled by pannel on the back left side of the boat(connected to the festive lights cable).

5. Fenders - to use fenders, you should enable them in the "Fenders" tab on the Motorboat Custom HUD. Once these are visible, you can click them to attach to left or right side. If you have boat nose cover enabled, which makes fenders inacessible from the above, you can click on the left or right side of the space left by opened nose cover latch.

6. Multimedia system - this vehicle is equipped with GEMC standard audio loops player.
If you have "Interior accessories" enabled, you can have an access to the web via tablet placed on front passenger's folding table. To unfold the table, simply click it. To fold it, click the table again. To turn web browser off, click the objects on the table.

7. Passengers - This vehicle offers room for 3 passengers + driver(4 in total).

8. Customizing - this vehicle is using HUDs for customizing.
Click the boat for menu, then click "Customize..." button to get the "Motorboat Custom HUD". Next operations are pretty simple. That HUD has multiple tabs wtih different custom options.
There are 16 liveries, custom livery mode, various body trims, different parts, accessories and so on.

Boat hull livery template

GEMC, 2014.