Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gmünd Stuttgart Ferdinand update

After a month of work we have our v1.2 update rolled out.
Here's a list of stuff we added and fixed:

1. NTBI GFS added(more detail, video). You have to pick fuel manually by clicking one or another button on GFS fuel pump. Picking wrong fuel will result in engine damage(RP feature). You can disable and re-enable fuel system by clicking car for menu, then going to "Vehicle", and clicking "Fuel System" button.
2. Script time greatly reduced, from 0.45 in v1.0 to 0.02-0.03 in v1.2 in parked mode. It's below average avatar script time.
3. Rebalanced handling. Car turns more sharp now, still offering pleasure of driving on cruise speeds.
4. Different fixes and improvements. Small script memory reducing, LCD clocks fix(custom time zones fixed), "simplified" gearbox mode revived in some sorts, glowing brake disks rebalanced(now cool down longer for show purpose), paintable bumpers added("Rear doors" paint button on UniHUD), and so on.
5. Batteries code changed - old batteries are not working with new car. Contact BeckHan Ra if you have old batteries you'd like to replace with new ones.

GFS Pump

GFS Pump#2

Painted bumpers and racing decal(UUID: 8b2c57d3-fcaa-707d-5723-ba90864501c7)

GEMC, 2013.