Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gmünd Stuttgart Ferdinand v1.3 update

Okay, there's plenty of time passed, i was quite busy making new things and dealing with various issues. Anyway, today we have an update for our Gmünd, main point of which is top speed tweak, and new charger code(it transmits necessary data to the vehicle now, so charger can be used for similar cars(geometry-wise) without additional update).

 Here's the list of all new things in this update:
1. Top speed tweaked, it's about 2 times faster now or so.
-Clocks custom time zone bug totally fixed, using llGetUnixTime now(credit goes to Aryn Gellner for pointing at that function).
2. Heating and temperature issue fixed, engine heats up and cools down smoothly now.
3. New code for gauges cluster warning lights - smaller size and more effective.
4. Electricity and charger code changed - make sure to rez your GEMC JG 1500 Charging unit and accept update.

Couple more words about new charger code. With this update we added llCastRay function to it, so it can detect the vehicles better. All you have to do is to "aim" the charger to make it face the car you want to charge(same way as GFS fuel cans). So now it will not pick wrong car if there are more than one in charger range. That's it for now folks, hope you'll enjoy new update.

Picture of the day: runnin' ultra settings here, guys. 

GEMC, 2013.