Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baiern Alpenjager 1.1 update

What's fixed:
- Electricity leak;
- Some minor visual issues on the console;
- Indicators brightness(dimmed by 50%).

What's new:
- Trailers support(see below);
- Day switch via clocks - just adjust the clocks back or forth until it passes 12 PM, so it will skip to next or previous day. Doesn't switch month if triggered on the month end or beginning(it takes hardcoding of all exceptions, so better be off without it).
- Steering adjust - "Customize..." - "Vehicle".  - Adjusts steering factor for the low speeds, might be cool for driving on thight spots.
-Automatic headlights mode. Lights come on with dusk, and goes off with dawn. Works only if there's a person sitting as driver.


To use a trailer, you have to enable hook on your vehicle.
With hook enabled, back up to trailer's hitch area. When close enough(0.5-1.3m range), click the trailer and select "Attach" option in the menu. If all conditions are fine, the trailer will get attached to the vehicle. Now you're cool to drive around. To detach a trailer, click it, and select "Detach" option. Also trailer is getting detached if the vehicle's hook is removed.

Trailer operations
GEMC Powerbox 150E trailer:
This trailer produces electricity for its flood light tower.
To add or remove light tower, click "Light Tower" button in the menu. Light tower is operated by pannel on the front side of the trailer.
This trailer has optional GFS system. It uses diesel fuel. Filling should be performed from the right side. Fuel system can be disabled by clicking "Fuel System" button in the menu.
This trailer has multiple color options. Available colors can be selected in "Colors" sub-menu.

GEMC Motorboat trailer:
To deploy a boat, click "Detach Boat" button in the menu. To return already deployed boat, or add a new one(if deployed boat is not in same region), click "Return Boat" button.
If you submerge your trailer into water deep enough, the freshly deployed boat will have its physics turned on automatically.

Known issues:
- Trailer movement can appear to be choppy, depends on region performance.
- The distance between a tractor and trailer may increase at high speed, it's considered "normal".
- Trailer may perform in unusual way, responding to unusual operation of the vehicle(i. e. if one is trying to drive the vehicle up the wall, or jump off a cliff).

GEMC, 2014