Wednesday, February 24, 2016

JG 1500 Charging unit v1.8 update

 There are some changes we'd like to tell you about.

1. Now, in order to operate it, you have to rotate it so its back wall points towards the vehicle you want to charge(similar to previous versions), but instead of just connecting on click, you will be presented with a menu. This menu has two options: "Connect/Disconnect"(depending on context), and "Access"(shown for owner only), that allows you to change access mode to one of three levels: "Owner", "Same group", and "Anyone". This way you can have other persons operate this charging unit.
 For the "guest" operator, only "Connect/Disconnect" option will be shown in the menu.
The charger can be also disconnected at any given point of time by the owner of the vehicle it's currently connected to. In this case, the owner of the vehicle will be presented with "Disconnect" option in the menu. Once disconnected, vehicle owner can no longer operate it(unless the charging unit's access mode allows it). 

2. Gmund Stuttgart Ferdinand support disabled for now(incompatible with vehicle's code). Please use batteries instead(Gmund Stuttgart Ferdinand doesn't have "battery replacement cooldown", so batteries can be replaced any time). 

3. Detroit Pacific support added.