Thursday, July 7, 2016

Detroit Milestone v1.2 update

Changes and fixes:
- UniHUD v2.21+ support added;
- shaking front wheels fixed;
- ground detection revised; 
- camera resets after region crossing now;
- negative offset choices added to "cinematic" camera;
- top speed increased to approx. 107 mph(with supercharger);
- all textures reuploaded with proper sampling, materials optimized;
- gear shift sound added;
- decal transparency control added;
- materials control tab added to Custom HUD;
- liveries pool added to Custom HUD;
- you can have 2 Detective beacons enabled simultaneously;
- clicking the buttons doesn't make you "grab" the car now;
- "unflip" action now acts properly;
- horn updated;
- normal/specular maps added to livery .psd;
- number of other minor fixes.

GEMC, 2016.