Sunday, May 17, 2015

Travelmate E40-series manual

Main screen
1. Main screen.
Main screen of this tablet presents four options - Web access, navigation, tablet settings, and online manual access. On the bottom bar there are two buttons, one allows you to return to previous page, and another - to return to main screen. Also there are digital clocks(in the right bottom corner).

Web page
2. Web access.
It's simple - just touch the WEB word on screen, and it will let you access the internet("Allow media to auto-play" option must be enabled). By default, homepage is set to GEMC official blog. You can replace homepage with yours by editing tablet's description field(in Edit mode). Just paste the adress of the website you want to be a homepage to the description field.

Navigation screen. Red dot shows the destination
3. Navigation.
This unique module allows you to navigate through a current region in quite a fancy manner. You can input your destination, and announcer's voice will tell you which turn to take, and how much distance left. To input a destination, you can click on a map appearing in center of the screen, or touch a gray pannel to the right of the map and input your destination coordinates by hand(format: <x, y, z>). There are on-screen instructions for helping you with setting up your destination.

Settins screen
4. Settings.
This screen allows you to contol various aspects of tablet's appearance and performance.
4.1. Time.......12/24 - by clicking "12/24" you can switch time between 12h or 24h output.
4.2. Adjust......+1 H - by clicking "+1 H" you can move your time forward by 1 hour, so you can setup your local time or any other you want.
4.3. Voice......M/F - this option allows you to change navigation announcer's voice between "male" and "female" versions.
4.4. Theme - on this screen you can pick a theme or a "wallpaper" for your tablet's main screen. There are 4 default choices and ability to put custom one. To replace current wallpaper with your custom one, just click the "CUSTOM" word, and paste UUID of your wallpaper's texture into the textbox appeared on your screen(basically it's same way as changing liveries or adding music to loops player on GEMC vehicles).

5. Help.
Clicking "HELP" word will bring up a dialogue menu with link to this manual.

External buttons view
6. External controls.
There are three three buttons on the outside of tablet. Two on top are meant to adjust volume, and one on left side is a Power button.

7. Permissions and limitations.
This item can't be linked to any GEMC vehicle.
This item is sold with "Modify" and "Copy" permissions(for geometry), so it means you can change its size, position, and rotation, as well as link to your objects.
This item can be controlled by owner only.

GEMC, 2015