Tuesday, June 2, 2015

GEMC Trailers update

General info.
We've switched to new trailer system, that uses physical connection between tractor and a trailer. It improves motion smoothness, and looks better in general. New trailers are still capable of crossing sims(in quite a manner tho), and can be towed by guest drivers(even between regions).
Unfortunately, new trailers are not compatible with Baiern Alpenjager, and will stay like that for few more days(until we finish an update for it). So if you don't plan to use them with newer vehicles, don't accept the update.

Motorboat trailer.
We added support for GEMC UniHUD v2, so most of boat's functions can be controlled with corresponding buttons on HUD. Front passenger can also recieve a copy of HUD to be able to rotate their swivel seat without clicking it.
Motorboat layout for UniHUD(as seen by driver and front passenger).
Palette has been moved to Custom HUD, and is accessible by pressing "Color" button on main pannel. You can hide it by pressing "Color" button again.
There's also a number of various minor fixes and improvements.

Powerbox E150 trailer.
Now there's an ability to limit access to Owner only, Same group, or Anyone.
Also we've added an ability to "Sit" on trailer and control light tower's motion with keyboard buttons.

Light tower control animation.
PgUp/E - lift tower up;
PgDn/C - lift tower down;
Left/A - rotate left;
Right/D - rotate right;
Up/W - pitch up;
Down/S - pitch down;
Left+Right/A+D - turn lights on/off.

GEMC, 2015.