Friday, October 2, 2015

Minamoto Sky Traveller v1.5 update

Hi, in this article we will highlight some of features of this update.

Here's what's new:
- 2015 code, so there's no more crossing issues;
- Normal map on bus body;
- Bunch of new addons including optional jumpseat, windshield shades, and so on;
- 2015 scripting(suspension, good sim crossings, lovely handling, smooth wipers, and so on);
- Passengers are now able to change their seats(with help of UniHUD);
- Custom HUD now has palette incorporated;
- Redone animations;
- And plenty of other things and improvements.

This vehicle is now utilizing UniHUD 2+, and here's what HUD layout looks like:
Various UniHUD layouts for drivers and passengers.
Also one more thing - now there's a shorter version available. If you already own Minamoto Sky Traveller, you can find a 50% discount vendor for a new bus in your update package.

Minamoto Sky Traveller(red) and Minamoto Sky Messenger(blue).
Well, this is about it, we hope you'll enjoy this update.

GEMC, 2015.