Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yamato Maxius v1.5 update

Hi, we've just updated our lovely scooter, and here's some detail:

- 2015 code including 7-piece working suspension;
- Complete retexturing - new textures are originally baked in 4096x4096 and then sized down to adequate scale, so it looks pretty nice now;
- Some geometry changes for better looks with ALM off;
- Redone animations - now all look fluid without jumps between different animations;
- Custom HUD now has palette incorporated;
- Passenger can adjust their position via UniHUD v2+;
- Saddle bags are now capable of dispensing some props such as soda cans or cleaning bottle and a rag;
- Travelmate E20 tablet is replaced with E40MG model;
- And plenty of other fixes and improvements.

This vehicle is now utilizing UniHUD 2+, and here's what HUD layout looks like:
HUD layout for driver and passenger.

We've also added modifable helmet to the package for those who missed it year ago(livery template).

GEMC, 2015.