Saturday, January 30, 2016

UniHUD update(coming soon)

Okay, in a week or so there will be a new vehicle, and updated version of UniHUD by the version of 2.2.

Here's a list of changes since v2.0(there were some other changes in v2.1 and 2.v11, but we didn't release update notes):

- You can scale it up and down with edit tool, it will preserve the "folded" position;
- You can upload your tracks via notecard -  just put your sounds UUIDs in a notecard line by line without any extra spaces, or commas or whatever, and drag that notecard onto the UniHUD;

- Guest drivers are now able to control vehicle from outside+ there's no more mess if there are multiple vehicles owned by a same person being operated in any of guest modes;
- Guest drivers have to connect their HUD to the vehicle first to be able to operate it from outside. To do so, they have to click vehicle, and either click "Access" button, or go to "Vehicle", and click "Connect HUD" button, it' all the same. Also they can sit as a driver first, and it will connect HUD automatically;
- Passenger layout changes back to Driver's after standing up from passenger seat(provided your HUD was connected to this vehicle before);
- Owner is unable to trigger indicators and other stuff when changing passenger's seat when on a bus;
- "Help Page" option on HUD now brings up vehicle manual page link(via llInstantMessage());
- Guest drivers can play tracks recorded to their own HUDs now;
- HUD odometer removed, replaced with persistent "Unflip" and "Bad roads fix" buttons.

Current vehicles will be updated to fully support new HUD version shortly(sorta). Until that, please keep using v2.0/2.1/2.11 with them.

GEMC, 2016.