Friday, March 4, 2016

Detroit Pacific v1.1 update

Okay, first update, here's the list of fixes and changes:

- HUD automatically connects now when entering as a driver;
-  Physics shape has been changed, so bus should act better at pumps;
- v1.0 paint can(purchased before 02.26.2016) support added;
- Backfire sounds restored;
- Fog lights lamp doesn't come up anymore if fog lights are disabled;
- Ground detection revised, bus should stuck on things less now;
- License plates size changed to 1:2 ratio(h:w) - bus livery .psds updated, factory liveries updated(requires getting a new Custom HUD from bus). Users of old .psds or Custom HUDs may notice slight ambient occlusion offset on bus' tailgate.

GEMC, 2016.