Friday, March 25, 2016

Minamoto Sky-series busses 2016 update

Changes and fixes:
- actual version for Minamoto Sky Traveller is 1.62 now;
- actual version for Minamoto Sky Messenger is 1.12 now;
- camera positions fixed;
- some other minor fixes.

- menu fix.

- multiple HUD communication issues fixed, UniHUD is updated to v2.21, can be retrieved from the vehicle;
- ground detection revised;
- shaking front wheels fixed;
- Wipers stalk switch access bug fixed;
- passengers seats changing bug fixed on Sky Traveller RHD;
- passenger animation fixed on Sky Mesenger RHD;
- camera resets after region crossing now;
- negative offset choices added to "cinematic" camera;
- automatic shifting down can be turned on and off now("Vehicle" - "Auto-shift", is on by default);
- minor cosmetic changes applied to interiors;
- materials control tab added to Custom HUD;
- link to default normal maps added to online manual; 
- liveries pool added(stored within vehicle);
- cleaning bottle and rag added(click cleaning bottle near driver's seat when enabled);
- drinks added to fridge(open the fridge and click the drinks space when enabled);
- number of other minor fixes.

GEMC, 2016.